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Mailbox Key Request

The new mailboxes are currently being installed. These mailboxes have 2 sections. The upper door is used by the post person to deliver mail to your mailbox and the lower locked section is used by the homeowners to unlock and remove the mail. The locked section prevents unauthorized persons from removing your mail. This mailbox can also accept a small box up to 2.5" thick.
You will receive 3 keys. Please note the serial number of the keys - they share the same serial number. You will need this number to order a replacement key in the future from the manufacturer.
Note that Palacio HOA or the management company does not have a list of these key serial numbers. You can register your key serial number at for future use. Only the manufacturer can provide a new key.
If you have lost all of your mailbox keys Visit this page.
To request your new mailbox key please download the form below and fill in, print and email or call the number listed on this form to arrange for the delivery of the key.
The key will be delivered to you by a homeowner who lives on site.
Download, print, fill in and bring this file with you: