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Hello Neighbors,

We are looking for a wonderful family to rent our home at 2154 Paseo Del Oro.  It is available now.  Do you know of anyone?  It is listed on zillow and if you know someone they can contact our agent Linda Riddell at (408) 668-2463 and let me know as would like to prensent you with a finders fee thank you $$ if person signs lease.  Extra money for the holidays:). 

Thank you for your help!

Julie McCloskey



New Listing Home for sale
This home was just listed on 2090 Paseo Del Oro on August 21, 2019
This home listed for 1,470,000.00

In addition to redevelopment plans behind Palacio there is a plan to redevelop Cambrian Plaza.

There are currently two homes for sale at Palacio

2182 Paseo Del Oro - contact Sunilsethi Real Estate at 510 388-2436 and 2013 Paseo Del Sol contact Citywide Properties 408 345-4800

This raccoon is the first one that was caught at Palacio.
We have recently seen front yards that have been dug-up by these creatures.

Announcing Palacio Potluck Pool Party
Labour Day, Monday, Sept 3rd. 4 PM to 8 PM
This summer there is still plenty of warm and long days ahead of us.
In the past we have only talked about it but not done anything about it.
So here it is.

Sign up here for the Potluck Pool Party

Yes - it is that time of the year again.
Palacio homes are getting decorated for the festivity.
What is your house going to look like this year.

The warm weather has arrived and it is pool season.
The pool is now open.
Enjoy the benefits of Palacio homeownership.


Did you receive this brochure in your water bill envelope offering insurance to provide repair service for the water line between the water meter and your house?