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Health of Palacio Community

Re-elect Haro for Palacio President
There has been substantial number of projects that have made a difference in the look and health of this upscale Palacio Community.

Starting 2 years ago we planted 15 new palm trees and removed dead ones, Replaced and repaired all 15 front entrance ground lights and installed long lasting LED bulbs. Replaced all swimming pool area light fixtures and installed LED bulbs. I had, the often-breaking timers, replaced with photocell. There has been no additional repairs required or performed in the last 2 years - this means savings for us.

This newly listed home is available now
and is being offered for $ 1,468,000.00.
Call the agent Bryan Dang 408 828-0121 for an appointment.

For More information visit.



Did you receive this brochure in your water bill envelope offering insurance to provide repair service for the water line between the water meter and your house?

Yes - San Jose is now the richest city in the whole country.

Bloomberg crowns San Jose richest city in America

FILE-- San Jose, Calif. (KGO-TV )

Here are a few images from Fleet Week Blue Angles Flying in San Francisco.


In case you missed the excitement at Palacio





New Listing -
Home for sale at Palacio



EntancePanoramaNight_2_2733_2.JPGMost of the entrance lights are now operating.
UPDATE: ALL entrance lights now are on - enjoy.