Smart Home Sentry

Business Address Smart Home Sentry (An new AI startup)

We are developing a new AI (artificial intelligence) technology that can be used with Security cameras. Most security cameras used for home security today are very unsatisfactory as you receive hundreds of alerts that are of no importance - passing cars, pets, wiggling leaves, changing light, shadows, etc. We have found most people turn off such cameras and hence not able to use for their purpose. Our AI software analyzes your motion detected images and send you alerts only if people are present (which is of your main interest). We are currently running a free pilot program, so you get to secure your home for FREE! Please contact me at 408-761-1433 if you are interested.

For more information please visit our website at Smart Home Sentry

There are many cameras available that you can purchase from your local store or online:

Please contact me for a suitable recommendation for your application.
     Indoor D-Link 936L and outdoor  D-Link 2330L
     Indoor Arlo Q               outdoor  Arlo Pro
    Google Nest Cam
    Foscam C2, Foscam R2

Our free pilot program signup is here SIGNUP FOR FREE PILOT PROGRAM
But I will take personal attention to our complex friends and set it up personally!

Contact: Prakash Bettadapur
Phone 408-761-1433

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