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Yes - San Jose is now the richest city in the whole country.

Bloomberg crowns San Jose richest city in America

FILE-- San Jose, Calif. (KGO-TV )

Here are a few images from Fleet Week Blue Angles Flying in San Francisco.


In case you missed the excitement at Palacio





New Listing -
Home for sale at Palacio



EntancePanoramaNight_2_2733_2.JPGMost of the entrance lights are now operating.
UPDATE: ALL entrance lights now are on - enjoy.
  New Listing - Home For Sale

Once again the storm drain cover near 2147 PDO is being lifted byStormDrainCover_02-2015_0.jpg heavy rain



Click on image to enlarge

New plants have been installed at the entranceExitPlants1_02321-Reduced.JPG

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year